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The DomeThe Ultimate Theater Experience

Whether your visit includes exploring the exhibits or catching a show on its own, the Dome theater is a Wichita attraction not to be missed!

Immerse yourself under the soaring 60-foot screen with a 360-degree view and booming surround sound in the largest dome theater in Kansas. Experience first hand why the magnitude of an immersive cinematic journey, developed specifically for the curved complexities of a dome screen, can’t be replicated in a traditional theater setting. The only question is… where do you want the Dome to take you?


  • Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation. Dome theater, Exploration Place.
    Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

    10:45 am
    12:15 pm
    2:30 pm
    5:00 pm (Thurs & Fri)

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  • SeaLions 1240x1240
    Sea Lions

    11:30 am
    1:00 pm
    3:15 pm
    7:00 pm (Thurs & Fri)

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  • KSfilm Th
    Kansas: An Immersive Dome Experience

    10:00 am
    1:45 pm

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  • PinkFloyd50 Dome 1080x1080 2b
    The Dark Side of the Moon

    4:00 pm
    6:00 pm (Thurs & Fri)

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Visitor Reviews

“The Dome is spectacular. No words or pictures do it justice. Very, very affordable. It was the best part. It’s very beautiful. Audio is done by very small holes in the dome that project sound through the screen for a complete 360-degree surround experience.”


“The perfect mixture of kid-friendly and whole-family fun. There are things for toddlers to grown-ups to enjoy. The Dome is a must for any first-timer.”

Ethan C.

"If you have never experienced this place you have not lived. I'm not a movie buff nor do I like 3D. This place made me reevaluate what I have missed in my previous 20 years of life. It was life changing."

Chris F.

"Lots of fun interactive educational things for kids and adults, and an amazing dome theater (you feel surrounded by the movie)."

Greg W.