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Open every day of the week with some evening options, Exploration Place provides fun learning and interaction for visitors of all ages! Purchase an All-Access Pass that includes exhibits, Live Science Shows and unlimited movies in The Dome or general admission tickets. For visitors with multiple people or those who plan to visit more than once, we recommend purchasing a tax-deductible membership.

Hours: Open Today 10 am to 5 pm
Monday-Wednesday: 10 am to 5 pm Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm Friday-Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

All-Access and General Admission Tickets

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Age All-Access Pass Includes exhibits, Live Science Shows and unlimited movies in The Dome Exhibits Only Live Science Show The Dome
ChildrenAges: 2 & Under FREE FREE FREE FREE
YouthAges: 3-11 $15 $10 $4 $7
AdultsAges: 12-64 $20 $12 $5 $8
SeniorsAges: 65+ $15 $10 $4 $7

Prices do not include tax.

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We are pleased to participate in several special programs and offer discounts to various groups, such as the military, seniors, AAA members and educators.

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For visitors with multiple people in their group or those who plan to visit more than once, you can save money by purchasing a tax-deductible membership!

Visitor Reviews

“This was such a fun place. Our kids (ages five, four and two) loved it. We spent a couple of hours there and only did a few exhibits. We are glad we bought the membership so we can go back and do more things. There are so many things for them to learn and explore.”

Denise Emmons

"This was an awesome place to go see on vacation! I myself am a HUGE science nerd, and the exhibits are of all sorts of different kinds of science. The exhibits are made in a way that kids and adults alike can enjoy them, and I think that is great because I know that children can get bored easily if they don't have engaging things to do. Not once did I feel like I was 'too old' for the exhibits. Totally suggest this!"

Lily Umberger

"Love the Exploration Place the kids love to come and play they never get tired of it. New exhibits are added making it interesting every time we go."

Victoria Parker

"Awesome place!! The kids loved it. Something for all ages. We learned so much.. I would recommend it or anyone. Home school or school trips of any kind."

Rachel Leonard

“We love Exploration Place! From tiny kiddos to adults, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Memberships are absolutely worth it!”

Taylor Erb

"This place is still such a great place to bring kids! Came here years ago and it's still as wonderful as I remember. My girls love the castle and my little boy could have spent longer than we did (all afternoon) in the aero center. In the time we were here I saw staff go through at least three times and sanitize everything."

Sarah Peterson

"Kids love this place. The Imax movie we watched was more for adults than kids. There are lots of hands on experiences for kids."

Joy Ahrens

"Loved the human body exhibit. Kids and adults had lots of fun."

Hue Gia Gerry Nguyen