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Visitor FAQsYou’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Thank you so much for your interest in Exploration Place! We have compiled and categorized some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with helpful answers for you to review. If you do not see one of your questions answered, you may contact us by phone at (316) 660‑0600 or contact us online.

Birthday Parties


  • What is your mask policy?

    Masks are welcome but not required while visiting Exploration Place.

  • What are your cleaning procedures?

    The following cleaning procedures are in place for your continued safety. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the facility, and restrooms provide convenient access to wash hands with soap and water.

    • A fog or electrostatic disinfection treatment is done in all exhibit areas as well as the Explore Store and The Dome each morning.
    • UV and disinfection mist treatments are completed in the restrooms each morning, with disinfection and cleaning happening throughout the day.
    • Throughout the day, staff and volunteers use disinfecting wipes and cleaners in the exhibits and high-touch areas throughout the facility.

Facility Rentals

General Questions
  • How much time is included with my rental?

    Rentals for Halls and Larger Venues include four hours of event time. Additional hours for these spaces are available for $300 per hour. Smaller venues and theaters are charged at an hourly rate. Outdoor spaces are charged as either daytime or evening rentals. For all-day access you have the ability to rent both daytime and evening together. All rental times are subject to availability.

    Complimentary set-up and tear-down time is included with your rental and does not count against your rental times.

  • When can I start to set up?

    You can begin setup in the Exhibit Building after Exploration Place has closed to the public, 5 pm daily and 8 pm on Thursdays. WaterWay Hall can accommodate decorations as early as 2 pm for evening events. Smaller venues and theater availability can be determined upon booking.

  • What is your food and beverage policy?

    Exploration Place has a list of preferred vendors for catering and bar service. These approved vendors are familiar with our facility, policies and procedures. If your vendor of choice isn’t listed we are accepting applications and encourage them to apply.

  • What is included in a rental?
    • Indoor rentals include tables and chairs
    • Table and chair setup/teardown
    • Security (when alcohol is being served)
    • Ample, free parking
    • Custodial duties
    • Decoration and clean up time
  • Who is responsible for cleanup?

    You are responsible for anything you or your guests bring into the event. Exploration Place will be responsible for the breakdown of chairs, tables, trash, etc. 

  • If I have an outdoor event, is there a rain contingency plan?

    We encourage you to plan ahead for rain and make a contingency plan that includes using tents. We are happy to rearrange the layout of your event if rain is in the 48-hour forecast, but there are no guarantees for inclement weather. We ask that you notify the Events Manager of any major changes 48 hours in advance. If you need to cancel due to dangerous outdoor conditions beyond rain, we would be happy to find another date that is agreed upon by both you and Exploration Place. 

  • What happens if I need to cancel?

    Exploration Place requires 30 days’ notice for all canceled rentals. For cancellation requests received 30 days or more before the event date, 50% of the rental fee will be refunded. For cancellation requests received 29 days, or less, from the event date, there will be no refund given.


  • When does my membership become active?

    If you are joining for the first time, your membership is active immediately after purchase for you to enjoy! If you are renewing and your current membership hasn’t expired, 12 months will be added to the end of your current membership. If your membership lapsed and you renew, your membership will be active immediately for us. If you are purchasing this as a “gift,” you can select the start date.

  • How do I buy a gift membership?

    To give a membership, use the “GIFT” button. In the online portal, you’ll fill out information for you and your recipient and choose a start date for the membership. All new members receive a welcome email and letter with their membership details immediately following the membership purchase. If you want the gift membership to be a surprise, select the Deliver Membership to Buyer option on the Gift Message page to have these sent to you instead of the gift recipient.

  • Will you send me something with my gift membership that I can wrap up and give?

    Yes! We will send you a welcome letter that you can give to the recipient. Place your order by December 12 to receive it by Christmas. Please remember that postal service takes longer during busy seasons. Once we hand over packages to the post office, we have no control over delivery times.

  • What happens if my membership isn’t ready for renewal yet?

    You can renew at any time. When you renew, we will add 12 months to your membership and extend your expiration date for the additional year.

  • How many people are included on a membership?

    Single Plus memberships include one person, plus a guest. Family, Premium and Traveler membership levels include exhibit admission for up to two adults and all dependent children under 18 and/or grandchildren under 18. Premium level includes one additional “guest” per visit. Traveler includes two additional “guests” per visit. A “guest” is defined as a friend or extended family member not residing in the same household as the member.

  • I’m a grandparent. Can I purchase a membership that allows me to bring my grandchildren in for visits?

    Yes, the Family, Premium and Traveler membership options all include two adults and their children or grandchildren that are under the age of 18.

  • What is the difference between Family and Premium?

    The Family level includes complimentary exhibit and Live Science Show admission. Premium includes complimentary exhibit and Live Science Show admission as well as unlimited admission to The Dome! Another differentiating factor is that Premium members are allowed to bring a guest of any age with them on each visit.

  • What is the difference between Premium and Traveler?

    Premium allows members to bring one additional guest of any age per visit. The Traveler level allows members to bring two additional guests of any age per visit! The more, the merrier! A “guest” is defined by a friend or extended family member not residing in the same household as the member.

Summer Camps

General Questions
  • What ages are included in summer camp?

    Exploration Place has two age groups for in-person camps. Campers ages 7-10 and 11-13. Campers 11-13 years old have more advanced material with a heavier focus on technology. Our lesson plans are written to target specific age levels.

  • What are camp dates?
    • Camps are Monday – Friday.
    • There is no camp the week of July 4.
  • What time does camp start? What time does camp end?
    • Check-in begins at 8:30 am* and Camp begins at 9 am
    • Check-out begins at 4 pm and ends at 4:15 pm.*

    *Reservations required for Before and After Care; space is limited.

  • Can campers arrive early or stay late?

    Yes. Exploration Place provides Before and After Care services for an additional fee. Before Care begins at 7:30 am. After Care ends at 6 pm.

  • Can I add Before or After Care in the middle of the week?

    If there is space available, you are welcome to register mid-week. Exploration Place does not pro-rate Before or After Care.

  • Can I add Before or After Care for just one day?

    Before and After Care are sold by the week. The price is the same if your child is present for one day or all five days.

  • Can I pick up any time I want?

    Yes, you are welcome to check out your camper at any point during the day by going to the front desk and requesting a camper check-out. However, we do not permit parents to check out their camper between 3:40 – 4 pm. Campers clean up their projects and transition to the check-out room between 3:40 – 4 pm.

  • My camper has a dentist appointment. What do I do for late arrival or early departure?

    Campers can be check-in or out any time except between 3:40 – 4 pm each day. Go to the Exploration Place Ticket Counter in the Main Lobby and ask for camp staff. Camp staff will come to you to check in or check out your campers during the camp day. Exploration Place is a large property. Campers and staff may not be in their classrooms when you arrive. It may take several minutes for camp staff to reach the Ticket Counter or collect your children and their belongings.

  • What services are provided with Before and After Care?

    Before Care allows campers supervised free play by Exploration Place camp staff before the camp day begins. Before Care check-in begins at 7:30 am. All paperwork must be completed before adults leave. Breakfast is provided for campers. At 8:30 am, campers will transition to their groups’ lead teachers and meet arriving campers. The camp day begins at 9 am. Before Care is charged by the week at $37.50.

    After Care allows campers to remain when the camp day has concluded. At 4:15 pm, campers transfer from lead teachers’ care to camp staff care. They will be served a snack and be allowed supervised free play. Campers must be checked-out to their adults by 6 pm. After Care is charged by the week at $50.

  • Can my camper switch camps?

    We want to make sure your camper has a fun and successful camp. When you register, you are reserving that spot for your camper. We are unable to change camp registrations mid-week. Campers may be switched to an open camp before camp begins according to the Refund Policy.

  • My camper is unable to come to camp for the week we signed up. What is your refund policy?
    • 15 days or more notification – Full refund
    • 1-14 days notification – No refund. Registration may be transferred to another week before camp begins if space is available.*

    *Full refund or camp transfer (if available) for documented medical necessity, major emergency or military deployment if notified before camp begins.

  • Do campers leave Exploration Place?

    Camp groups may walk to the Keeper of the Plains adjacent to Exploration Place. Otherwise, campers will not leave Exploration Place. However, only selected enclosed rooms at Exploration Place are certified as camp spaces by the childcare licensing authority, KDHE. This is why Exploration Place exhibits, The Dome and playground are listed on the Field Trip Permission form.

  • Do campers spend any time outside?

    Yes! We value learning in many different environments. Weather permitting, campers may eat in the picnic grove and spend 30 minutes on the playground before or after lunch. Campers may also spend additional time working on class projects or doing hands-on lessons outside.

  • When is it too hot or too cold to go outside?

    At the discretion of the camp director, if the heat index is over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, campers may remain inside. If the wind chill is under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, campers may remain inside.

  • What should my camper bring and wear to camp?
    • Lunch, packed in a leak-resistant container and labeled with the camper’s name
    • A water bottle labeled with the camper’s name
    • Clothes that can get messy. Daily projects include glue, materials that can stain, and opportunity for kids to get wet, sweaty or dirty.
    • Closed-toe shoes
  • What should my camper leave at home?

    Unless a letter or special request comes from camp staff, campers should leave at home:

    • Electronics
    • Toys
    • Card and tradables

    Exploration Place is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • My camper left a lunch box. Do you have lost and found?

    Items found in camp spaces will be given to the camp director during the week of your child’s camp. Any remaining items will be placed in Exploration Place Lost and Found. Contact the Ticket Counter for Lost and Found. Lunch containers and water bottles left by campers will be emptied of food and liquids by staff at the close of business each day.

  • My camper has special medical or behavioral needs. Whom do I contact?

    For any camper concerns, contact the camp director. There may be special forms that will need to be completed. You may reach the camp director at (316) 660-0644 or contact us online.

  • How do I reach the camp director?

    You can chat with the camp director at check-in or check-out. If you need to reach her during the camp day, please call (316) 660-0644.

Group Assignment and Classroom Questions
  • What do I do if I need to speak to my camper’s teacher?

    Camp teachers are available at check-in from 8:30 – 9 am and check-out from 4 – 4:15 pm. Other arrangements may be made to speak with a camp director if these times do not work with the camp parent. Parents are also encouraged to share any problems with the assistant camp director or the camp director via phone, email or in-person at any time during normal business hours.

  • Who is my camper’s teacher?

    Camp teachers are assigned weekly. We make every effort to assign camp teachers that we believe will be the best fit for the campers. Classes are filtered by age.

  • Where are the camp classrooms?

    Camp is held in any of the following classrooms: Discovery Room A, Discovery Room B, Explorer Room A, Explorer Room B, Water Way Hall, The Live Science Theater, and the Board Room.

  • Can siblings be in the same class?

    We take any and all requests into consideration. Our lesson plans are targeted to a specific age; if siblings are the same age, they may be in the same class. The camp director has discretion over camper placement. Please make requests at least two weeks prior to your registered camp start date.

  • Can my friend’s son and my son be in the same class even though they’re not the same age?

    We take any and all requests into consideration. Our camps are written to target specific ages and age levels. If campers are more than a year apart, typically, they will be placed with campers of like age. The camp director has discretion over camper placement. Please make requests at least two weeks prior to your registered camp start date.

  • Are the lesson plans available for me to look at?

    Lesson plans are proprietary. However, feel free to ask camp teachers at check-in or check-out each day for a summary of the lessons they will be covering or did cover. The assistant camp directors and camp director are also knowledgeable on the lesson plans.

  • How many campers are in each class?

    Our classes are 15 students. Each classroom will have a lead teacher and an assistant.

  • Do campers go to the exhibits?

    Yes! Each afternoon, campers have the opportunity to visit one exhibit. Campers will rotate to visit each exhibit at least once throughout the week.

  • Do campers go to The Dome every week?

    Campers visit The Dome when it applies to the week’s theme. For example, during Under the Sea, campers saw Great White Shark in The Dome.

  • Do campers get to see a Live Science Show every week?

    Campers see a Live Science Show when it is applicable to the week’s theme.

Lunch, Snacks and Drink Questions
  • Does my camper need to bring a lunch?

    Yes, campers should bring a lunch labeled with their names in a leak-proof container (no paper sacks), silverware if needed, with an ice pack. Microwaves are available as needed.

  • Can campers get lunch at the snack bar?

    No, lunch staff are not available to take campers to the snack bar.

  • Can I bring my camper a lunch?

    Yes, check with an Exploration Place staff member at check-in to confirm your camper’s lunch time. You are welcome to check out your camper for lunch, drop off lunch at the front desk, or bring lunch to eat with your camper.

  • Can I eat with my camper?

    Yes! Feel free to join your camper for lunch. Check in with the assistant camp director when you arrive. You will need to show your code to an EP staff member.

  • Does my camper need to bring a snack?

    Campers are provided two snacks each day. Snacks are usually animal crackers, goldfish or something similar. You can choose to send an alternative snack with your camper. If your camper has any food allergies, please share that with someone at check-in and put the information into KidCheck and on the medical forms provided before the start of camp.

  • Can my camper bring a water bottle?

    Yes! We recommend sending your camper with a water bottle labeled with your camper’s name. Exploration Place has refill stations throughout the museum and in each classroom.

  • Where do campers eat lunch?

    Camp lunch is located in WaterWay Hall or Picnic Grove.

  • Can my camper share their lunch with a friend?

    No. Campers must eat the lunch they are provided. No trades are allowed.

  • What about allergies?

    Exploration Place Summer Camps are peanut and tree-nut free. We ask that parents do not pack these items in camper lunches to avoid any allergies. If your camper has any food allergies, please share with someone at check-in and put the information into KidCheck and on the medical forms provided before the start of camp.

Registration Form Questions
  • Do I have to fill out the Model Release form?

    No. The model release form is optional. If you choose not to fill out the form, your camper may be removed from certain activities where picture/videography is taking place to prevent your camper from being included in the picture. Please let an Exploration Place staff member know you decline the model release form at check-in.

  • Do I have to fill out the consent and disclosure form? Can you email the form (I’m very busy)?

    Yes, the consent and disclosure form is required to be on file before you can check in your camper. The consent form has valuable information on it, including emergency contacts, health information and allergies. You must fill out the form prior to camp or at check-in on the first day of camp. You cannot leave your camper in our care if we do not have a consent form on file for them.

  • Do I have to fill out all of these forms? There are so many!  

    As a KDHE licensed childcare facility, Exploration Place is required to keep specific information on file for each child. We know it is time-consuming, but we appreciate your cooperation. If your child has no medications, write NA in the blanks of those forms. We may only give medications if there is a form on file. If you need clarification between the Short Term Medication form and the Long Term Medication form, you may contact the camp director before camp begins or the assistant camp director at check-in.

    If your camper is coming to multiple camp weeks, you only need to fill in the forms once. If dated accordingly, the forms are good for one year.

    If you have any questions, please contact the camp director, Jessica Nickel, at (316) 660-0644.

  • Do I have to fill out forms for every week of camp?

    No, forms are good for one year, beginning May and continuing until the following April.

KidCheck Questions
  • What is KidCheck?

    KidCheck is an app that allows Exploration Place to match campers and their approved adults. The app is available as a free download on most smartphone app stores.

  • How do I use KidCheck?

    Download the app and input your and your camper’s information. At check-in, log into the KidCheck and follow the directions on the screen. Express Check-in will send information from your phone to the KidCheck printers. Manuel stations will be set up for check-in as well. The adult will need the phone number listed on the account.

    Two labels will print when check-in is complete. The camper label functions as a nametag and will be placed on the camper’s shirt. The adult label should be taken by the adult. If another adult will check out the camper, the adult will need the information from the label.

  • What if I lose my KidCheck code?

    If you lose your code, you will be asked to show a photo ID. Exploration Place will confirm pick-up ability through the forms filled out at the beginning of camp. If there are any concerns with pick up for the day, please contact the camp director, Jessica Nickel, (316) 660-0644.

  • Can I give my code to anyone?

    Yes, Exploration Place staff are authorized to check out campers to anyone with the code that matches the camper’s nametag. The code can be presented via text, picture, or verbally.

  • What if someone needs to pick up my camper who isn’t on the approved list on the camper consent form?

    As long as the person picking up has the code, they are authorized to check out your camper. If they do not have the code, you may call ahead of time with your name, the code and the name of the person picking up. We will require a photo ID from that person at check out.

  • Can my camper’s sibling pick up their younger sibling?

    Siblings over the age of 18 are able to check-out your camper as long as they have the code or are on the approved check-out list. Exceptions may be made to this rule at the discretion of the assistant camp director or the camp director.

  • Can my camper check-in or check-out without an adult?

    Campers are given permission to check themselves out on a case-by-case basis. Parents must fill out the camper self-check-in/out form prior to camp starting. Contact the camp director for additional information.

COVID and Illness Questions
  • My child has been exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. What do I need to do?

    Please keep your camper at home. Contact the camp director as soon as possible to explain the situation and to discuss exposure protocols.

  • My child is sick, but I don’t think its COVID related.

    Please keep your camper at home. Campers may not return until they have been fever and symptom-free for over 24 hours without medication.

  • My child requires medication for a condition that is not contagious. What do I need to do?

    First, fill in the short or long-term medication form as required. Be sure to explain what time(s) medicines should be administered. Then, bring the medication to camp check-in in its original package that includes dosing instructions. Medications and forms will be stored together with the medication. If medication requires refrigeration, please alert camp staff at check-in. Campers must be able to self-administer injectable medications. Accommodations will be made for certain seizure medications. Please contact the camp director at (316) 660-0644 in advance to make arrangements. Remaining medications will be returned to adults at check-out each day or at the end of the week as directed by the parent.

Digital Discovery Camp

General Questions
Classroom Questions
Camp Forms Questions
  • Do I have to fill out the Model Release form?

    No, the model release form is optional. If you choose not to fill out the form, your camper may be removed from certain activities where picture/videography is taking place to prevent your camper from being included in the picture. Please let an Exploration Place staff member know you decline the model release form at the beginning of class.

  • Do I have to fill out forms for every week of camp?

    No, forms are good for one year, beginning May 1 and continuing until the following April 30.