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Library ProgramsAdd Hands-On STEM to Your Summer Reading Program!

Reinforce the concepts and topics in the National Library Theme, Adventure Starts at Your Library, using STEM this summer. Exploration Place staff will bring science experiments, take-home activities, lessons and hands-on learning for all ages.

Program Details

With six to eight hands-on learning stations, library guests will be able to discover just how important it is to have all the pieces when creating something new. They will also learn that it takes more than one person to turn an idea into something truly amazing. Once participants have had a chance to explore all of the on-site activities, they will receive a take-home project to continue the learning.

  • Program duration: 2 hours
  • Staffing: Exploration Place will send one Educator to train your staff and volunteers, organize set up and stay throughout the event. Your library should plan to have 6-8 volunteers and/or staff to help run the stations.
  • Set up and training by Exploration Place staff: 1 hour directly before program start time

What’s Included:

  • Six to eight activity stations for all families centered around the theme Adventure Starts at Your Library
  • One Exploration Place educator (library provides volunteers)
  • All supplies and training for 6 volunteers
  • Two hours of fun for all ages
  • Time options include: 9:30-11:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m.-12:00p.m., 1:30-3:30 p.m., 2:00-4:00 p.m.


  • 8 stations – $400
  • 6 stations – $325

Standard mileage applies $1/mile after 30 miles round trip.


Nature Explorers Stations

  • Library2024 Rocket
    Distress Signal Rocket

    Learn practical skills by assembling and launching your own distress signal rocket.

  • Library2024 Ozobot
    Ozobot Adventure

    Engage in a mapping adventure where you program ozobots to find their way on a map.

  • Library2024 Bug
    Bug Spotter

    Embark on a hands-on classification journey sorting bugs, insects and arachnids to discovery their unique characteristics.

  • Library2024 Solaroven
    Solar Oven

    Explore the power of the sun by making delicious toasted marshmallows.

  • Library2024 Sunclock
    Sun Clock Workshop

    Create a personalized sundial, learn about timekeeping and the suns movement.

  • Library2024 Habitat
    Habitat Haven

    Construct innovative shelters using K’NEX pieces and learn engineering skills while exploring principles of structural design.

  • Library2024 Habitat (2)
    Navigate & Create

    Assemble a model compass to explore magnetism and navigation principals.

  • Library2024 Bird
    Eco-Bird Buffet

    Craft a bird feeder from a pinecone, fostering environmental awareness and providing an opportunity to observe local avian wildlife.

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