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Exploration Place is honored to host and/or be involved in various events each year, including our largest annual fundraising event, Death by Chocolate. We encourage you to learn more about our various events and plan on attending an upcoming one!

Attendee Reviews

“Exploration Place always blows me away with new exhibits. I was there for their annual Death by Chocolate fundraising event and ate way too much chocolate.” Christopher C.

Death by Chocolate

"We went to see Dark Side of the Moon in the dome, and it was the absolute coolest thing I've ever seen!" J.G.

Dark Side of the Moon

"We LOVED it! The activities/options, slumber party. We will definitely do it again and bring friends!!!"

Museum Overnight

"WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! My husband and I went to [Beautifica] for a date night and it was an absolutely MAGNIFICENT experience I have ever had!!" Jenny F.


“For the adults out there, I highly recommend attending the annual fundraising event, Death by Chocolate. It’s my favorite charity event, and I look forward to it every year.” Sheena Y.

Death by Chocolate

"We had a lot of fun. There was TONS to do. Friday evening went really fast with all of the events. The staff was really nice, kept us informed, but gave us room to enjoy things on our own. My son had so much fun. I'm really happy with what we got for the price."

- Museum Overnight