Thank you for being an Exploration Place Member!

We know that the true value of membership goes far beyond admission. As a member, you provide direct support for Exploration Place’s mission to inspire a deeper interest in science and technology through creative and fun experiences for all. This allows us to provide engaging exhibits, educational programs and events that inspire and enrich the lives of our visitors and community. We are honored to have you as a member and look forward to sharing our passion for science, technology, engineering and math with you. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Exploration Place.

Member Perks

  • Admission to Other Museums

    Free general admission to 300 science centers and museums through the ASTC Travel Passport Program.

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  • Impact the Mission

    Members are the heartbeat of the Exploration Place mission to inspire a deeper interest in science and technology through creative and fun experiences for all

  • Special Pricing

    On birthday parties, selected workshops, classes, camps and events

  • 10% Discount

    In the Explore Store and Snack Bar

  • Previews and Access

    To new exhibits and private showings before they open to the public

  • Exclusive Invitations

    To special member-only events and programs

  • Member E-Newsletter

    Delivered to your inbox monthly

  • Member Mornings

    Members get in at 9 am (one hour early) during the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

Membership FAQ

  • When does my membership become active?

    If you are joining for the first time, your membership is active immediately after purchase for you to enjoy! If you are renewing and your current membership hasn’t expired, 12 months will be added to the end of your current membership. If your membership lapsed and you renew, your membership will be active immediately for us. If you are purchasing this as a “gift,” you can select the start date.

  • How do I receive my card?

    As soon as we receive notification of your new membership we will prepare some welcome information and print you an ID card that we will mail to the address on your account. There is no need to request a card, unless you are needing a copy of it immediately.

  • Is there a digital membership card or an app?

    Yes! There’s an app for that! Search for “Exploration Place” on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the free app that features the Exploration Place logo. Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to use your member ID number, or the primary email on your account, to be able to access a digital membership card that you can use to check in at our museum as well as the 300+ partner locations around the globe. Please be prepared to show a picture ID along with the app for verification of account details and ownership.

    The app also gives you quick access to information including our daily hours of operation, upcoming events, member deals, renewing your membership, member perks, FAQs and the full list of ASTC reciprocal membership locations in an easy to use, clickable list that you can pull up on the go.

    We hope that you will find the app to be helpful as you enjoy the full benefits of your membership. If you have any questions on the app, please email us and we’ll get back to you asap. Thank you!

    Download the app now:   APPLE       ANDROID



  • How do I buy a gift membership?

    To give a membership, use the “GIFT” button. In the online portal, you’ll fill out information for you and your recipient and choose a start date for the membership. All new members receive a welcome email and letter with their membership details immediately following the membership purchase. If you want the gift membership to be a surprise, select the Deliver Membership to Buyer option on the Gift Message page to have these sent to you instead of the gift recipient.

  • Will you send me something with my gift membership that I can wrap up and give?

    Yes! We will send you a welcome letter that you can give to the recipient. Place your order by December 12 to receive it by Christmas. Please remember that postal service takes longer during busy seasons. Once we hand over packages to the post office, we have no control over delivery times.

  • What happens if my membership isn’t ready for renewal yet?

    You can renew at any time. When you renew, we will add 12 months to your membership and extend your expiration date for the additional year.

  • How many people are included on a membership?

    Single Plus memberships include one person, plus a guest. Family, Premium and Traveler membership levels include exhibit admission for up to two adults and all dependent children under 18 and/or grandchildren under 18. Premium level includes one additional “guest” per visit. Traveler includes two additional “guests” per visit. A “guest” is defined as a friend or extended family member not residing in the same household as the member.

  • I’m a grandparent. Can I purchase a membership that allows me to bring my grandchildren in for visits?

    Yes, the Family, Premium and Traveler membership options all include two adults and their children or grandchildren that are under the age of 18.

  • What is the difference between Family and Premium?

    The Family level includes complimentary exhibit and Live Science Show admission. Premium includes complimentary exhibit and Live Science Show admission as well as unlimited admission to The Dome! Another differentiating factor is that Premium members are allowed to bring a guest of any age with them on each visit.

  • What is the difference between Premium and Traveler?

    Premium allows members to bring one additional guest of any age per visit. The Traveler level allows members to bring two additional guests of any age per visit! The more, the merrier! A “guest” is defined by a friend or extended family member not residing in the same household as the member.

  • Can my child use our Exploration Place membership on school field trips?

    Students must pay the field trip rate, regardless of membership. School staff are free for field trips. See our field trip page for more information.

    Adult chaperones who are Exploration Place Members can use their benefits for free admission to the exhibits and Live Science Show on field trips, if they sign in separately from their related school or organization. Please check in at the ticket counter when you arrive.

    If the class you are chaperoning will be watching a movie in the Dome, the ticket price for the parent or other chaperone is dependent on your membership type.

    Adults who check in and/or pay separately from the school are not guaranteed a seat in the Dome or Live Science theater because capacity is limited and priority is given to the students and staff in the reserved field trip group