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A Bird’s Eye ViewThe Magic Carpet

Experience the intriguing Magic Carpet exhibit, where you’ll discover a fresh perspective from underfoot. This unique installation showcases a customized carpet with informative panels inspired by satellite imagery. Covering a 26.2-mile stretch of the Arkansas River, equivalent to a marathon’s distance, the carpet spans the 135-foot walkway connecting the museum’s entrance and exhibition sections.

Gaze down upon a representation that extends from Derby to Maize and Valley Center, capturing the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers in inky black tones. Look out for Century II’s distinct circular rooftop in a gentle light blue shade. You’ll also spot building shapes and structures, including the Keeper of the Plains statue at the river junction, depicted in a softer color.

Enrich your understanding with 14 informative panels, shedding light on topics ranging from Derby’s past name (El Paso) to the area’s ecosystems and significant landmarks. Join us in exploring the Magic Carpet exhibit, a journey that unveils the beauty and stories of the Arkansas River’s surroundings.