Blast off with Exploration Place’s new exhibition: Astronaut.

Jump into your space suit and report for training, because the newest addition to the Exploration Place is out of this world! The Astronaut exhibition brings with it a whole space lab full of science fun.

This new interactive and hands-on exhibition explores the physical and mental challenges involved in space exploration and gives visitors a taste of what life is like outside of Earth and its atmosphere.

There’s no other job where you can find yourself quite as far above the Earth as that of an astronaut. From the Moon landings to the Mars One project, astronauts have become synonymous with adventure, exploration and endeavor.

Through hands-on and full-body displays, this revealing science exhibition investigates the reality of what it takes to be a space explorer. 26 exhibits relay the physical and psychological effects of living in microgravity on the human body and the technology used to complete a mission. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sleep, eat, shower and use the toilet in space, Astronaut gives you the opportunity to find out.

The exhibition also focuses on teamwork to solve problems, accurately perform tasks and overcome challenges such as communicating with mission control, monitoring damage to your space craft or landing a capsule.

Visitors will be captivated and surprised by this absorbing study into the importance of science in space and the future of space exploration.

Astronaut in the media:

Astronaut will be showing at Exploration Place through January 2, 2022 and is suitable for all ages.

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