Explore, create and inspireBricktopia

Embark on a journey featuring three distinct brick-themed activities. In the hands-on Million Brick Madness arena, unleash your creativity with one million plastic bricks. Build, engineer, design and even destruct your own creations. Explore the second area showcasing intricate dioramas of dinosaurs, each crafted entirely from plastic bricks by renowned artist Warren Elsmore. The third area unveils the inspiring journey of a woman collecting Lego bricks along the shore from a spilled cargo container and the sculptures and art she created from them. Together, these areas form the captivating experience of Bricktopia.

Spark the imaginations of your little builders and environmental enthusiasts alike as you explore, create, and inspire together in the magical world of Bricktopia.

January 26 – May 5


Million Brick Madness

Dive into the hands-on excitement of Million Brick Madness, an arena bursting with one million plastic bricks awaiting your creativity! Engineers, builders, and designers of all ages can construct, engineer, design, and even destruct their masterpieces in this interactive space. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your brick dreams to life!

Bricktopia 1240x1240 1b

Brick Dinos

Embark on a prehistoric adventure in Brick Dinos, where meticulously crafted dioramas showcase different dinosaurs sculpted entirely from plastic bricks. Marvel at the attention to detail and learn about these ancient creatures while enjoying the tactile joy of exploring the brick-built prehistoric era.

Adrift 1140x960


Join the incredible journey of a woman who turned a mishap into a masterpiece in Adrift. Discover the story of her years-long quest to collect plastic bricks along the shore from a spilled cargo container. Witness how she transformed these ocean-bound bricks into stunning sculptures and art, raising awareness about the importance of clean oceans, animal preservation, and conservation.