Summer Science on the Go

Take a bite out of summer learning loss!

Choose from these science and engineering programs, live science shows or family nights available this summer, from May 21 to August 10, 2018. With Science on the Go, our education staff comes to you – and we take care of all the needed supplies and materials!

Science and Engineering Programs
Programs are available as a series or stand-alone class at your facility.

Pre-K (30 minutes)

  • Little Coders: Begin to code and make robots move.
  • Shapes and Structures:Discover how shapes fit into our everyday world.

Grades 1 - 5 (45 minutes)

  • Ozobots: Program a path for your bot to follow.
  • Chemical Crusaders: Save the world with one cool chemical reaction after another.
  • Code a Bot:Take control and command robots to work for you.

Live Science Shows (30 minutes)
These exciting, interactive shows are for all ages.

Choose from:

  • STEMtacular!:Exploration Place's very own superhero brings the power of science, technology, engineering and math together for a super-STEM experience.
  • Kick It with Chemistry: Discover what happens when chemicals are mixed, heated and cooled.
  • Electrifying Energy:Jump in, transfer and transform energy to explore light, heat and electricity.
  • Fun with Physics!:Delve into the amazing feats of physics.

Family Nights
Each family night includes 12 hands-on activity stations for students and their families of all ages. The evening can be up to two hours and we can accommodate large groups.

Choose from:

  • New! Aviation: Discover the tools and techniques to design, build and fly aircraft.
  • Build a Better World:Use sustainability, synthetic biology and biofuels to craft the future.
  • Math:Calculate fun as you analyze angles with a giant sling shot. Add the value of your name using money. And more!
  • Pre-K STEM:Even our littlest learners will have a blast, as they encounter science, technology, engineering and math activities.
  • STEM:Take part in exciting science, technology, engineering and math activities.
  • Word Play: Pretend to be an engineer as you work though literacy concepts.



Science and Engineering Program
$75 for up to 25 students. $65 for each additional program if done back-to-back.

Live Science Show

Family Night

30 mile radius from Exploration Place: Free
Outside of 30 mile radius: $25 per 30 miles

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