Live Science Shows

Science Comes Alive

The following shows are available here or your facility with Science on the Go!

  • Electrifying Energy (Grades K - 12)
    Jump in, transfer and transform energy to explore light, heat and electricity. 3-PS2-3; 4-PS3-2
  • Kick It with Chemistry (Grades K - 12)
    Discover what happens when chemicals are mixed, heated and cooled. 2-PS1-1; 2-PS1-3; 5-PS1-2; 5-PS1-4
  • Fun with Physics (Grades K - 12)
    Delve into the amazing feats of physics. K-PS21; 3-PS2-1; 4-PS4-2
  • STEMtacular (Grades K - 12)
    Exploration Place's very own superhero brings the power of science, technology, engineering and math together for a super-STEM experience. PS1.A-B; PS2.A-B; PS3.A-C
  • Discover Flight (Grades K - 12)
    Climb aboard a plane and witness the science of flying first hand.


$125 per show

Shows are 30 minutes in length and hold up to 300 students (50 minimum).

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