Virtual Science Classes

NEW Virtual Science Classes

Pre-K - Grade 12
September 9 - May 20

After an overwhelmingly positive response to our online summer camps, we’re offering virtual science classes this school year.

Each week students will receive a 50-minute lesson aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Each session will be packed full of interactive, hands-on STEM learning (no boring Zoom lectures). Plus, students will interact with real scientists and industry experts, as well as attending exclusive live science shows.

Life Science

September 9 - October 28
Pre-K - Grade 5


Pre-K: From the biggest fish to the smallest ant, find out how the Earth is home to it all. Examine animal tracks, test your senses, build habitats, and migrate like a bird.

K - 5: Adapt, survive, and thrive. Animals are awesome, with many diverse traits. Step into the paws of one of these amazing creatures – the nocturnal aye-aye. Search for food, engineer a food web, plus much more.

September 10 - October 29
Grades 6 - 12


6 - 8: Go microscopic to reveal what makes a human cell tick. Peel back the layers of a neuron, and investigate how animals have adapted to specific jobs.

9 - 12: Time to play brain games! Delve deep into neurons, genetics and the building blocks of life. Determine how adaptations influence biodiversity, and help solve the overpopulation problem.

Physical Science

November 4 - January 20*
Pre-K - Grade 5


Pre-K: Matter makes up everything! Experience how different objects interact with one another. Test textures, manipulate magnets, power a boat with your own energy, and much more.

K - 5: Encounter invisible forces – experiment with gravity, lift, friction and more. Plus, crash opposing objects, build a balloon car, and communicate with a computer.

November 12 - January 21*
Grades 6 - 12


6 - 8: Behold both kinetic and potential energy. Observe interactions between forces, build a crash test dummy, and uncover the invisible wave spectrum.

9 - 12: Assemble an atom and explore its properties. Design a superior solar oven, and take a microscopic look at electron transfer.

*No classes November 11, 25, and 26 or December 21 - 31.

Third Quarter: Engineering

January 27 - March 17
Pre-K - Grade 5


Pre-K: Let’s build! Engineer ramps, catapults, playground equipment, and rockets.

K - 5: Put tools to the test. Go hands-on with simple machines, and countdown to the launch of your own rocket system.

Fourth Quarter – Earth and Space Science

March 31 - May 19
Pre-K - Grade 5


Pre-K: Soar to the stars and unearth dinosaurs. Make a model rock and save the planet with recycling.

K - 5: Get “Cirrus” about weather! Revolve around the sun, and stroll through the sea’s history.

Save when you register for the entire year! Details coming soon about the spring semester.

Per quarter (8 lessons): $40 per student
Per year (32 lessons): $150 per student
Students may join a quarter or semester in progress and total price will be adjusted.

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Students will receive supply lists one week prior to the start of each quarter. You may already have many of these supplies at home. If not, use the Amazon links below to purchase what you need. If you use Amazon Smile, your purchase will support Exploration Place!





For questions about virtual science classes, including how we can tailor classes for pods, microschools and co-ops, please call 316.660.0620.