KEVA Teambuilding

Build Your Team One Plank at a Time

There's just something about these little wooden planks that really your get your creativity flowing. Hold your event here and you have the perfect environment for you and your team to exercise out-of-the-box thinking.

Building with blocks may sound easy since we've done it from the time we could crawl. But when you have team members, a common goal and a hard hat, that's when the fun begins.

In this KEVA experience, you'll build more than just blocks. You and your team will gain stronger understanding of the power behind effective communication, proper planning, team building and FUN.

KEVA: Build Your Team pairs the expertise of Butler Community College’s Business Education & Training Analysis (BETA) training staff with the dynamic and immersive setting of our popular exhibit, KEVA that will give your staff an experience unlike any other.

BETA instructors will help you:

  • Improve your team’s productivity and processes.
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Create a unified team.

Help your organization overcome its struggles with planning, communication and collaboration. Start building your team now.

For more about the KEVA exhibit, click here.

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What local leaders are saying about this program!

“With simple, basic tools, the enthusiasm and creative talents of our team emerged. Through communication and teamwork, they overcame challenges and successfully achieved common goals. Exploration Place was the perfect venue, providing an environment to explore endless possibilities!” Patty Koehler, President and CEO, JR Custom Metal Products, Inc. 

“The KEVA: Build Your Team was exactly what BKD was looking for to enhance team work among our staff. The exercises provided tools our staff could bring back and implement in their daily work assignments.  Although the program is developed around building structures, you don't have to be an architect to enjoy and learn from this great experience.”William A. Pickert, Managing Partner - Wichita Office, BKD, LLP

“Imagination, creative problem solving and abstract thinking is what drew our firm to support the KEVA exhibit.” Tom Dondlinger, President, Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co., Inc. 

“Our team not only had a great time with the KEVA program, it also helped us appreciate each other's personalities and perspectives when it comes to problem solving and working together. It was fun, informative and helped strengthen the relationships within our team. Everyone that attended gave it two thumbs up!”John Beckman, Director of Real Estate, Meritrust Credit Union