Ethics of Space Exploration

November 11, 2021

A Conversation with Dr. James S.J. Schwartz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wichita State University

7 p.m. Thursday, Nov 11 | Exploration Place

This event is included with museum admission and free for members.

Join us as we explore some of the major questions of space ethics. Dr. Schwartz actively pursues an interdisciplinary project on the philosophy and ethics of space exploration, which has points of contact with ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, science policy and law, and space science. 

Dr. Schwartz will explore the following questions:

      • Is the budget for space exploration justifiable when there are issues on Earth that need urgent attention?
      • Is it OK to terraform other planets to make them habitable for humans?
      • What risks does human space exploration cause to extraterrestrial life?
      • Can prospectors can claim planetary resources on a first-come, first-served basis, like in the Wild West?

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