A Summer of Magic: Harry Potter Dome Theater Experience

July and August 2022

Exploration Place is bringing the world of Harry Potter to Wichita! Each week our wizard and muggle guests will watch one movie in the series on the dome screen with booming surround sound. Before the show, participate in themed classes and interactives provided by a variety of Hogsmeade shops and magical places. Butterbeer will flow freely and Honeydukes will have treats to purchase and enjoy. 

Expect magical surprises and new experiences scattered throughout the weeks. Make sure to dress in your house colors, Harry Potter themed clothing and accessories, or your muggle best. House Cup points will be awarded each week with a winning house announced at the end of the summer. Warning – muggles will be counted and processed accordingly! 

         Immerse yourself in a Summer of Magic!


$20 each, per week, general admission
$17 each, per week, for Exploration Place Members

         Individual general admission ticket sales will go on sale Monday, June 6


         Doors/activities open at 7 pm each night and the show starts at 8 pm. 


Dates Tickets Film Theme (Activities) Honeydukes Vendor
July 7 & 8 TICKETS Sorcerer’s Stone Charms The Gilded Cookie
July 14 & 15 TICKETS Chamber of Secrets Herbology Moka’s Cafe
July 21 & 22 TICKETS Prisoner of Azkaban Care of Magical Creatures The Popcorner
July 28 & 29 TICKETS Goblet of Fire Defense Against the Dark Arts Sweet n Saucy
August 4 & 5 TICKETS Order of the Phoenix Astronomy TBA
August 11 & 12 TICKETS Half-Blood Prince Potions TBA
August 18 & 19 TICKETS Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Transfiguration The No Bake Cafe
August 25 & 26 TICKETS Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Muggle Studies September Moon Cupcakery
  • The movie will be centered on the dome screen, similar to a traditional movie theater size. Although the dome screen is larger in diameter, traditional movies are not formatted for the size or curvature of a dome. The movie would not only look distorted beyond recognition but the movement of the characters and filmography would cause motion sickness and discomfort for viewers.
  • Seats are first come, first serve. As a perk for Portkey Pass holders we will reserve specific rows in the dome theater, but the seats within the rows are not assigned. Everyone can enter the dome as soon as doors open at 7 pm and choose your seats.
  • Concessions will be available before the show the EP Snack Bar will be available for drinks, popcorn, candy and light snacks. Members receive 10% off at the Exploration Place snack bar in the museum lobby. We will also have guest vendors with treats and snacks available for purchase at the Honeydukes booth. Butter Beer will be free and included with your event ticket. There will not be food trucks so grabbing dinner before you arrive is a good idea.
  • Portkey Passes were sold as either a Thursday night season pass or a Friday night season pass. When you purchased the ticket, you committed to that night for all 8 weeks. We cannot honor admission on any night other than the Portkey Pass that you purchased. (Mixing and matching nights is too complex for our muggle computers, sorry!) If you cannot be at a specific showing, you are free to lend your Portkey Pass to a friend to use for the week (there’s no need to tell us in advance). If you lose your Portkey, please let us know and we will manually check you in with the other muggles.
  • The activities and pre-show party will be available to ticket holders only and are not included in museum admission or with the Sunflower Summer app. Only ticket holders will be allowed in the event area.
  • All tickets and passes are non-refundable. The only valid tickets sold will be directly through Exploration Place’s website.


If you have questions about the event, please email us at [email protected]


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