Where Kids Rule

Calling all kings and queens!

This recently renovated area now includes more than 60 individual, hands-on activities focused on math and science readiness - all while having fun!

Enter a fully immersive world through ornate archways and become surrounded by medieval life – its music, people and more. Make your way through the town center, encountering tents, a corral, and on to the centerpiece of the exhibit, the expansive three-story castle where many adventures await.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Build a bridge to cross the treacherous moat.
  • Repair a wagon wheel in the Black Smith Shoppe.
  • Catch a fish for dinner.
  • Harvest fruit and vegetables from the royal garden.
  • Understand the transfer of motion using gears, pull levers and rotation of moving parts.
  • Aim and shoot a catapult across the kingdom.
  • Plus much more.

Included with general museum admission, free for members.

This exhibit was made possible by

Estate of Max and Gloria Bleck
Cessna Aircraft Company
Cargill Cares
Dr. James and Beverly Mershon

Charles and Joanne McIlwaine Foundation

Chimney and Stone Specialists
Lance, Mandy, Reese & Parker Fleming
Deanna Harms