Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Learning goals:

  • Preschooler will pretend to be a cashier in the store or a customer.
  • Preschooler will pretend to accept or pay money for food and flowers.
  • Preschooler will sort and match different types of food.


  • Play with the preschooler pretending to be the customer or the cashier in the market. Let the child choose their role FIRST.
  • Ask the preschooler to select flowers they want to buy. Ask the preschooler to choose food they want to eat while you take their money.  Switch roles with them so they can experience both roles.
  • Have the preschooler separate food by types, such as: fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins or dairy.

Escuchar in Espanol:
Mercado de Agricultores