Kansas Kids Connect - Adult Guide

Adult Guide

Use this exhibit’s guide for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., to help your preschooler explore this exhibit.

Each station in the exhibit has specific learning goals and activities. Click on a picture below to learn more about them.

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This guide was made possible by

The Charles and Joanne McIlwaine Foundation

Cargill Grain 

Every Drop Counts

Kansas Airways

On the Spot Mechanic

Weather Window

Chicken Coop

Farmer's Market

Kansas Seed to Sun

Planting Beds

Community Construction


Meadowlark Nest

Wavy Walk

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Are Preschoolers Learning?

Kansas Kids Connect hits all the marks! 

Preschoolers learn through play. They interact with other children and the world around them – this exhibit. They may focus intently or dart from one activity to another, as they investigate and experiment.  It all creates connections and pathways in the brain. Wow, are they tired when they leave – “brain tired” from hard work playing and learning.

The exhibit design meets the changing physical, cognitive and social development of preschoolers. As they grow, they interact in new ways with the exhibit. There is no right or wrong way to do anything. It is designed for preschoolers to explore and discover.

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Kansas kids connect logra dodas las markas!

STEM is Growing Here

What is STEM? It is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Kansas needs a workforce ready for STEM fields – medicine, aviation, agriculture, energy, construction, food science – to name a few. The younger STEM learning starts, the better chance a child will choose a STEM career. It all starts with preschoolers.

The foundation for STEM learning is all over Kansas Kids Connect. It happens when preschoolers observe, discover, experiment, use trial and error or cause and effect, analyze, sequence, and more. What an exciting place for your preschooler to learn.

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STEM Crece Aqui