Step into a dog’s world through playful, immersive science exhibits. Test your running pace against the top speeds of different dog breeds. Experience the world the way dogs do—nose first!—by sniffing out hidden smells. Get inside a dog’s head to see and hear like a dog. Explore dogs’ diverse physical abilities and specialized senses, and discover how these traits make them perfectly suited to be our close companions. Plus, find out how dogs think and communicate—with each other and with us!

Explore the possibilities—and responsibilities—that come with bringing a dog into your life, and find out how to care for these furry family members. Be a trainer or a dog to see how you can guide someone with just a clicker and praise. Brush and groom model dogs. Learn tips about responsible dog care, share opinions on controversial dog issues, and consider what’s next for the future of dogs.

Dogs! A Science Tail is an immersive traveling exhibition that explores the bond between humans and dogs—one of the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time.

Dogs! will be showing at Exploration Place May 27 through September 5, 2022, and is suitable for all ages.

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