Pixel PalaceA New Kind of Gaming Experience

Pixel Palace uses the advanced technology of motion sensors, touch screens and projection displays to create an interactive game room experience.

Build your physical and mental strength as you compete against friends in multiplayer games and test your own skills as you complete the challenges.

May 26 – October 22

Creature Creator

Color • Scan • Come Alive

If you loved Sketch-A-Saurus in Expedition: Dinosaur, you will love Creature Creator! Color pictures of unicorns, dragons and fairies to be transported into a fantasy world by scanning your original artwork into the Creature Creator teleportation hub.

The magic unfolds when our software transforms your static image into a dynamic, moving character that comes to life and interacts with the virtual world in real- time.

Let your child’s imagination soar with this unique and exciting interactive art experience.

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Illuminate your imagination with this modernized and reimagined upgrade to the classic Lite-Brite design, is an open-ended canvas for expression and learning in a whole new way.

The Everbright wall consists of hundreds of dials that allows you to explore the full spectrum of color, far outside the confines of the spectral rainbow hues. It is perfect for group play, promoting creativity, and encouraging teamwork.

As a tactile and sensory interactive, Everbright provides a stimulating experience that helps develop sensory perception, cognitive abilities, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Its unique design helps build spatial intelligence and logical problem-solving skills.


Quantum Space

Quantum Space is an immersive visual experience that turns any space into an art show. Users control the art board by using their gestures and movements as brushstrokes to create a one-of-a-kind interactive gallery. This motion- reactive wall teaches users about kinetic energy and movements.

Watch colors and patterns change and appear as you move; twirl, jump, or wave your arms and you’ll feel like an artist creating a digital masterpiece.


Floor Interactives

Games are projected on the floor, blending the physical and virtual worlds. Creating a dynamic and responsive experience, the player’s actions directly influence the movement and outcome of the games.

Hungry Crocs: Guests have to catch as many balls as possible by stepping on the crocodiles. The winner is the one who scores the most points!

Sea Battle: Attack as many ships as you can in a race to sink your opponent.


Wall Interactives

Games are projected onto the wall where kids can interact and control the challenges by throwing balls at the obstacles. Race against a friend or play solo.

Quack Attack: Test your aim as you target ducks in this classic carnival game.

Rollin’ Racer: Harness the need for speed as you race for the finish line.