Camp in a Box FAQs

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What is Camp in a Box?
Camp in a Box combines the best of hands-on camp and digital fun for an amazing camp experience!

Campers will:

  • Get a special box containing instructions/supplies for hands-on activities (1 box per registration).
  • Zoom into sessions along with new online friends and Exploration Place camp leaders.
  • Create cool projects.
  • Meet experts for each camp topic and ask them questions.

What is in the box?

  • Instructions and supplies needed for each camp’s activities.
  • A special kit or artifact.
  • Other items such as liquids, common desk and/or kitchen supplies will need to be provided by camper household.

What technology will I need?

  • A smart phone, tablet, or computer equipped with a camera, speaker/headphones and microphone.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • The video software Zoom, accessible via the internet or the app.


If you have any further questions about Camp in a Box, please call Exploration Place at 316-660-0620.

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