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Bridging Art & ScienceTrapped in Time: Insects in Ancient Amber

Created by Guy Iannuzzi, these photos are close-up views of life from millions of years ago. They show bees, termites and ants frozen in ancient amber (fossilized tree resin). These microscopic images are not only scientifically fascinating, but they are also exquisitely beautiful works of art.

Trapped in Time: Insects in Ancient Amber is on display in the Bridging Art & Science gallery through May 7.

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How are these images made?

Iannuzzi uses Russian and British optical imaging equipment and advanced imaging software. Each piece is modified extensively, in most cases assembled out of hundreds of images, painstakingly built of different microscopic layers, each a few microns thick. He then images these fossilized insects into strikingly massive constructs.


About the Artist

Guy Iannuzzi is a marketing executive with a lifelong passion for science and art. A background in astronomy led to an abiding interest in science. Later as a fine arts student at the ArtCenter College of Design, he developed the skills to create art commercially. He combined these two passions by founding Mentus, one of California’s oldest marketing agencies focusing on science and technology. Jurassic Park sparked an interest in amber fossils, and his skill with optics and photography led to recording their beauty. Iannuzzi has made numerous presentations and appeared in several television programs about his amber imagery. Iannuzzi has been recognized by the National Science Foundation, and his work has been exhibited online and in museums. His work can be seen at