Experience spectacular science with all-new topics! Homeschool science classes are generally held the second Tuesday of the month, and classes are split by grade based on enrollment.

Classes for ages 6 to 10 meet from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. and ages 11 to 17 meet from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Each classroom holds a maximum of 15 students. Co-Ops: Schedule your own class of 10-15 students today!  Virtual classes are also available.

Prices: $15 per student, per class
Members receive 15% off each class
Save! Sign up a student for all 8 classes at one time, and receive a 10% discount if enrolled by August 13.

Masks are required while in the classroom.

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Fall 2021 | Space!

August 17
Investigate star formation and nebulas. Then, use light filtering to detect unique characteristics of stars across the universe.

Mission to Mars
September 14
Go behind the scenes with NASA and learn what it takes to survive on the Moon and Mars.

October 12
See what makes planets unique while testing craters and static electricity. Then, see how NASA scientists communicate with rovers on Mars.

Future of Space
November 9
Brainstorm how to mine an asteroid, construct a space satellite, and dream up the future of space travel.

Spring 2022 | Robotics

Resistors and Transistors
January 11
Experiment with electrons and learn how control their flow. Then play games to learn circuitry basics.

Coding Languages
February 8
Learn how programmers communicate with robots. Create codes that make your robot move through a maze.

Parts and Pieces
March 8
Gears, wheels, wires and more! Explore the building blocks of robotics and troubleshoot your way to success.

April 12
Put the pieces together and build your own robo-pal. Challenge your classmates to races and a dance-off.