Visiting a museum with their peers enhances the learning experience for students in a way that combines both social and intellectual development. What feels like play is actually hours spent exploring science, technology, engineering, and math. Join us for a field trip experience that your students will be talking about for the rest of the school year!

We are now taking reservations for field trips to Exploration Place.  

    • $8 per participant – Visit the exhibits, enjoy a live science show AND watch a dome movie
    • $6 per participant – Visit the exhibits and enjoy a live science show OR watch a dome movie
    • $4 per participant – Visit the exhibits only

Fill out the form below to submit and book your Field Trip. 

Questions? Please contact Nicole Johnson at [email protected] or 316-660-0626.



Can my student or parent chaperone use their membership to pay for the field trip cost?

Memberships are not applicable during school visits. All those attending the visit pay the school rate.

What happens if my headcount numbers change from my original field trip booking?

We will update all totals at the front desk, on the day you arrive. Please send the main contact to the front desk to finalize the itinerary for the day. If the headcount changes by 20 or more, please contact [email protected]

I selected that we will eat outside, but it might be too cold, will there be an indoor lunch option?

Yes, we assess the daily weather situation and if the day is too cold, or weathered, we will have an indoor lunch option.

How much will parent chaperones cost?

Parent chaperones are the same cost as students. If the parents pay separate from the school’s invoice, there will be sales tax added to the per person fee.

Is a Para considered a school adult or can they be counted as a school teacher?

At Exploration Place, all school staff are free during field trip visits. This includes teachers, paras, bus drivers, principals, etc. It does not include volunteers, parents, or other chaperones that are not employed by the school district.

What is the cost per person if we are tax exempt?

The cost per person is the package price that was selected, when the field trip was booked. Parent chaperones will incur sales tax if they pay separate from the school’s invoice. If the school collects the parent chaperone money in advance, and includes them on the school check, they will not have to pay sales tax.

What If I forgot my Tax Exempt form?

As long as the payment methods are correct (Organization check or Organization credit card), we will exempt the order from sales tax and ask that a copy of the form be emailed to [email protected] within the same visit date.

Are we tax exempt, if we live in Oklahoma?

Sales tax exemption is based by state. Only organizations within Kansas are exempt from sales tax at Exploration Place. No exceptions!


Things to Know When Visiting

    • There is a circle drive in front of Exploration Place that is large enough for busses to utilize to drop students and chaperones off at the front door. There is ample space for bus parking in the rear of the museum parking lot.
    • When you arrive, please stay on your bus. We will greet your school on the bus, provide wristbands and welcome information.
    • The main contact of the school will work with the front desk to finalize the headcount and itinerary.
Field Trips are sponsored in part by
Opportunity Fund