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Textron Aviation Flight Adventure

An epic adventure playground that blends the thrill of aviation with the joy of discovery. Landing Fall 2025.

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Landing at Exploration in Fall 2025 Textron Aviation Flight Adventure

Explore an epic adventure playground that blends the thrill of aviation with the joy of discovery. Designed for families to explore together, it celebrates Wichita’s rich aviation heritage and the promise of a continued bright future in advanced aviation manufacturing.

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Bricktopia 1380X1380 2
Opens January 26 Bricktopia

Three exhibits in one. With Million Brick Madness, we’ve brought in 3,300 pound of LEGO – a literal 1 million bricks! In Brick Dinos, meet dinosaurs face to face, each one built by an official LEGO master artist. And in Adrift: Lost at Sea, find out what happened when 5 million LEGO bricks spilled into the ocean.

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February 9, March 22 and April 19 Spend the Night in the Museum

Set up camp among a million plastic bricks in Bricktopia, take over the exhibits, snack on popcorn while watching a movie, conquer the barefoot brick challenge, compete in a scavenger hunt and more – all while wearing your pajamas!

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Now Playing In The Dome Sea Lions - Life by a Whisker

Embark on an epic quest through the uninhabited wilderness of the Great Australian Bight, to the lush kelp forests off the Californian coast. Curious, intelligent, and playful…this family of whiskers needs our help.

Encounter giant humpback whales, cunning cuttlefish, great white sharks, and one Marine Park Ranger on a mission to find out what it takes to save a species.

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Now Showing In The Dome The Dark Side of the Moon

Embark on a cosmic odyssey in celebration of Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon album. A truly immersive and all-encompassing surround sound and visual treat that will transcend reality and take you way beyond the realms of 2D experience.

This is the only large-screen film endorsed by the band itself.


The State’s Premier Science Center

Exploration Place is Kansas’ premier science center, inspiring a deeper interest in science and technology through creative and fun experiences for all.

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Visitor Reviews

"This place is top tier. They have rotating exhibits that are updated seasonally - If you live in the area or have a similar Science museum near you a membership is worth every dollar and then some."

Doc D.

"My kids LOVE this place and honestly so do I. The exhibits are very well put together, live science shows are always amazing and they love to get kids involved. There's so much I could say about how great it is but you really should go check it out for yourself. Don't forget to check out the dome theater."

Isaac A.

“This place was absolutely amazing. So much for children and adults to do and learn!”

Ryan Y.

"I have been to the Exploration Place several times over the years when various family members come to visit. It NEVER disappoints! The Dome Theater is a great twist on immersive film watching and the exhibits range from Aerospace, Health Habits to Kansas geography and history. This doesn't even factor in the traveling exhibits which has covered superheroes to world record holders. This place has your kids covered for all ages and allows with a lot of interaction. Can't forget that Arkansas River view either!"

Brandon W.

“We came from Manitoba, Canada. Loved it here! We brought six kids, and they all had a blast. Love how hands-on it is, and the exhibits are very well done! Would totally do this again! Thank you for an awesome time!”

Mindy R.

"Wow! This place has soooo much to do. We spent several hours here and could easily have spent several more. If we lived in the area, we would definitely have a membership to this place. There are awesome science shows and videos to watch. Everything is both fun and educational. The facility is clean and organized and staff is always nearby to help out."

Rebekah H.

“I have been a visitor since my son was a small boy. We had countless trips under our belt, and now he is just a semester away from his Civil Engineering degree. The only credit I deserve is instilling a desire to understand mechanisms by nurturing curiosity. Exploration Place is priceless, [expanding] the minds of our children beyond what any parent can teach or even conceive.”

Randy S.