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An epic adventure playground that blends the thrill of aviation with the joy of discovery. Landing Fall 2025.

AleahJaxon Media

Membership Benefits Return 40 Fold

January 16, 2023

Membership is truly worth what you make of it. A family of four only has to visit twice to more than cover the cost of the $85 annual membership. But Aleah and Jaxon stretched their membership significantly further.

In 2022, Aleah visited 161 times and Jaxon visited 156. If purchased separately, tickets would have cost them more than $3,400 last year. Instead, they used their membership to check-in for free each time, making their visits the equivalent of $.27 each.

We spent some time with Aleah and Jaxon to learn more about their connection to the museum and to thank them for being the most frequent member visitors for 2022. To them, Exploration Place is more than a place to visit – it’s part of their week. It provides a place for Jaxon to learn and play, and allows Aleah an opportunity to be a part of it with him.

“Jaxon will be 7 soon,” Aleah said. “He loves everything, really. He is big into fidget stuff, animals, building things and dinosaurs lately. He has been impatiently waiting for the dinosaur exhibit since before Thomas. Jaxon loves learning new things, relearning and showing/teaching others he meets at Exploration Place. Jaxon actually has said multiple times he is going to work there!”

We look forward to having you join the Exploration Place team in 2032, Jaxon!

Become a Member and Save

For visitors with multiple people in their group or those who plan to visit more than once, you can save money by purchasing a tax-deductible membership!