Exploration Place, The Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center

Kansas’ Premier Science Center

Mission: Inspiring a deeper interest in science through creative and fun experiences for people of all ages.

Momentum in STEM

Take a look at our past year of successes through our year in review video.

And as we progress into our new fiscal year, we keep climbing and continue to expand our extraordinary STEM-based services, impact and reach.

Our focus is STEM education to feed the workforce pipeline. STEM learning begins with the youngest preschooler and onward through elementary school. We are here to get that spark ignited in these young learners.

Where will our momentum take us this year? Let’s find out together!

Exploration Place is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution, supported by admissions, membership dues, public support, and voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Click here for more about Exploration Place! For general inquiries or comments about Exploration Place, please e-mail: discover@exploration.org.