Spirit Sponsors Exhibit

Spirit AeroSystems sponsors new Design Build Fly exhibit
by Debbie Gann

Aviation has been the cornerstone of Wichita since the early days of flight. Many of the world’s greatest pioneers of aviation like Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, Lloyd Stearman and Bill Lear, all had Wichita weaved within their stories.

Flash forward to 2005 and Spirit AeroSystems began writing its own chapter. We like to call ourselves a relatively young company with deep roots in aviation. Our history traces back to the 1920s with Lloyd Stearman, United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, and then Boeing. Spirit still occupies many of the same buildings where Boeing employees built the B-47, the B-52, and the B-29 bomber. Today, a legion of Spirit employees around the globe build some of the world’s most sophisticated aircraft for Airbus, Boeing and other customers.

So it’s no wonder that our Spirit team is thrilled to partner with Exploration Place to help develop the Design Build Fly exhibit; it’s a way to share our passion for aviation with children and families from every corner of the world. Design Build Fly is not just an exhibit, but a rich piece of history for visitors to experience firsthand. We are especially excited about the theater crafted from a 737 fuselage, since Spirit employees built it and every other 737 fuselage right here in Wichita. Teams of Spirit employees are working hard to ensure the 737 fuselage theater is safe and ready for the public to enjoy, and crafting videos to teach visitors about aviation work.

A lot has changed since the early days of aviation. Generations have come and gone. Technology has transformed the industry. Millions of people are flying for the first time and millions more await the opportunity. But what hasn’t changed is our employees’ belief that it’s their responsibility to give back to the community that has so enriched their lives and the lives of countless others in aviation.

We’re proud to support the Design Build Fly exhibit and can’t wait for the unveiling in December. We hope to see you there!

Debbie Gann
Vice President, Corporate Communications & Administration
Spirit AeroSystems


The team from Spirit AeroSystems that renovated this fuselage: Kevin Bell (left), Mike Hutton, David Clark, Robert Moreno, Brian Clark, Jack Bliss Not Pictured: Larry Putter, David Holt, Marci Meridith.

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