NEW! Preschool Programs

Field Trips

Visit Exploration Place with your preschool classroom for a day of programs, dome show and exhibits, including the new preschool exhibit Kansas Kids Connect.

Visit Exploration Place

  • Do It All Student $8 Chaperone $5
  • Do the Dome Student $2 Chaperone $2
  • Do a Program Student $3 Chaperone Free
  • Do the Exhibits Student $4 Chaperone $4

Groups must have a minimum of 10 paid admissions to qualify for discounted prices. One free teacher per 15 paid students.

Do a Program

Choose from:

  • Windy Weather Work with materials to find out if they can withstand a strong wind.
  • Wiggly Worms Wrap up like a worm and see what’s inside compost and soil.
  • Farm Fresh Food Walk on eggshells, turn milk into butter and feel what wheat looks like before it becomes bread.
  • What’s in the Sky Take off with flight as you construct and test helicopters.
  • Big Mouth Basics Test your taste buds with a crazy concoction to find out about healthy eating and brushing habits.

Do the Dome

Under the largest theater of its kind in Kansas, preschoolers will encounter an experience unlike any other.

Do It ALL!

Add a hands-on program or dome show to your exhibit visit.

Book your preschool field trip today or call 316.660.0620.

Family Child Care Providers Field Trips
Visit with the children in your family child care. Providers must reserve visit in advance.

Exhibits: $4 (plus tax, per person)
Exhibits + Dome: $6 (plus tax, per person)

Preschool STEM Family Night

Enjoy an exciting evening of 12 hands-on activities, just for the young child. Family Night includes two hours of fun and all supplies and training for volunteers.Volunteers from your facility are required.

Activities include:

  • Flashlight Factory
  • Magnet Towers
  • Moving Molecules
  • And more!

$225 per night. Mileage fees may apply.

Science on the Go

If you can’t visit us, we can visit you and lead a hands-on program in your preschool classroom.

Choose from these 30-minute hands-on program sessions:

Colors of Light

Turn white light into the colors of the rainbow.

Mixing Colors

Get your hands a little messy mixing two colors together.

Bugs & Insects

Take a close look at some creepy crawlies and learn what it takes to be an insect.

Gravity Works

Try fun experiments that will help show how gravity is always pulling us down.

My Mouth

Investigate what’s going on inside your mouth with experiments about teeth and taste buds.

Price: $60 per classroom*
*Outreach programs require a minimum 10 students, maximum 20 students per program. Additional programs can be booked for more than 20 students. Mileage fees may apply.

Register Now Or call 316.660.0620 to register!

Kansas Kids Preschool Class at Your Facility

Investigate, discover and question with your Kansas Kid and encounter the wonder of our world – it’s science for preschoolers!

This one hour class includes story time, dramatic play, hands-on science experiments and a newsletter for teachers to send to parents for home engagement.

Monthly and semester long sessions available.

$245 per month
$975 per semester
Mileage fees may apply.

Register Now or call 316.660.0620 to register for Kansas Kids Preschool Class.