Senior Wednesday - 1:30 p.m. - For ages 55 and up

Senior Wednesdays

Learning never stops

480x320_Seniors_01The Science of Hero Power
June 28
Presented by Southwestern College’s Dr. Pat Ross Some heroes embody fascinating science and engineering phenomena. Investigate these characters and meet some of the lesser known, science-based heroes of the 1960s.

American Symbolism: Captain America and Superman
July 26
Presented by Darren Defrain Unearth our nation’s identity with Captain America from Marvel Comics and and Superman from DC Comics as ideals.

Heroes on the Radio
August 23
Become a character you love as you pretend to be one of them on the radio, similar to classic serials you may have heard when you were a child.

Graphic Novels
September 27
Presented by Darren Defrain Get the scoop about the influences of graphic novels and their important place in historical references and humanity.

October 25
A hero is nothing without a villain. Using the same science and engineering as heroes, these nefarious icons use science and engineering for evil instead of good.

Located in the Kemper Creative Learning Studio.

Admission: $4 (plus tax)

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