Senior Wednesdays

Learning never stops

Soak up fascinating knowledge during these informational and entertaining sessions, designed for active seniors.

Designing Design Build Fly
Jan. 24
How do you create an aviation exhibit in the Air Capital?  Jan Luth, Exploration Place President will describe the intricacies of creating an exhibit honoring Wichita's rich aviation heritage.

Air-Med and Rescue Diving
Feb. 28
Dive deep and fly high with Frank Williams who will discuss the role of a rescue dive team and an air medical team and how they care for people in those situations.

Don't Let Falls Get You Down
March 28
Discover tips and tools that will help you prevent falls, stay active and independent with this interactive presentation for older adults and caregivers.

Sheriffs as First Responders
April 25
Join us in learning how the brave men and women of the sheriff’s department work to track and rescue people after emergencies, accidents and tragedy.  A special tracking dog will also be here to demonstrate some amazing canine skills.

Test Piloting
May 23
Explore what  it takes to man the cockpit of a plane from someone that actually does.

Located in the Kemper Creative Learning Studio.

For ages 55 and up at 1:30 p.m. Admission: $4 (plus tax)

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