A Season of Change

Design Build Fly is taking shape

by Lynn Corona

As we prepare to open Design Build Fly, our all-new permanent aviation exhibit, you may have seen and most likely still are seeing changes with the museum.

The first step was to empty the previous aviation exhibit and find new homes for the different pieces of the exhibit. The popular Skycatcher airplane mock-up headed to Maize High School. The Hawker Premier I fuselage went to the National Center for Aviation Training. Various exhibits were given to the Kansas Aviation Museum, Museum of World Treasures and Child Start.

You may also see some of the exhibits from that gallery in new locations around the science center. The Nano exhibit moved to the Grand Hall filling up this large space, alongside the brain teasers puzzles and Big Mouth. Two Bernoulli exhibits and a maze interactive were brought into the Main Lobby adding to the excitement level as you enter the building.

Once the huge 5,100 square foot aviation gallery was emptied, it was time for the next phase of work. Inside the gallery is CreatorSpace, our family-friendly maker space. We took out a section of that room’s wall and changed it to glass. Now it visually connects to the aviation gallery and will be very inviting for you as you go into the maker space to try your hand at special aviation activities.

Other updates have been done to the gallery. Walls were painted, a damaged window was replaced, more electrical outlets and lighting were added, and some really deep cleaning took place in the 45 foot ceilings.

There are two items that stayed in the gallery: the huge vertical tower and the beloved wind wall. The tower has been painted a bright stunning blue, as it prepares for a powerful thrust reverser that will be mounted on top. You will be able to manipulate the thrust reverser to blow on the wind wall with unparalleled power.

Now, many of the exhibit’s large plane parts have arrived and some elements have been dramatically hung from the ceiling. Soon, more exhibit elements will arrive and we will work to get them situated in the gallery.

This is a thrilling time as we close in on years of planning for this all-new permanent exhibit. I can’t wait for it to be complete and for all of you to enjoy.

Lynn Corona
Exploration Place, Director of Exhibits and Facilities

Heath and Josh from Appearance Group, Inc., were at the museum in early October to polish and clean the test plane wing in Design Build Fly.

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